De warmste brouwerij


Op 2 december wil Brouwerij Alvinne voor minstens 24u letterlijk en figuurlijk de warmste brouwerij van Vlaanderen zijn. We hopen jullie massaal te mogen verwelkomen op onze 24h brouwmarathon ten voordele van Duchenne Parent Project België. We zijn trouwens niet de enige die hun schouders onder dit goede doel steken, ook Olympisch kampioen Greg Van Avermaet springt in de bres voor Duchenne Parent Project België (

Van 6u ‘s morgens op 2 december tot 6u de volgende morgen is de brouwerij doorlopend vrij toegankelijk. Je kan onze brouwers een handje toesteken, of gewoon even langskomen voor een gezellige babbel, een glas bier, een hapje of een streepje muziek.

De opbrengst gaat integraal naar Duchenne Parent Project België. Alle drank en hapjes worden gratis aangeboden door brouwerij Alvinne. We vragen enkel dat je je warme hart laat spreken en een vrije bijdrage geeft naar eigen verbruik en vermogen.

Voor deze unieke gelegenheid hebben we ook enkele T-shirts laten maken, ook hiervan gaat de opbrengst integraal naar het goede doel (25 € voor een T-shirt)

Wie samen met ons de volle 24h helpt brouwen, krijgt nadien nog een uniek T-shirt en wordt uitgenodigd om samen met ons de opbrengst van onze actie naar Boom te brengen tijdens de Warmste Week.

24 hours of brewing … praktische info

Waar? Brouwerij Alvinne, Vaartstraat 4a, 8552 Moen

Wanneer?  Vrijdag 2 december (vanaf 6u) tot zaterdag 3 december (6u)

Dorst? Er zijn 5 bieren van ‘t vat verkrijgbaar, voor de BOB is er frisdrank en brouwwater

Honger? ontbijtkoeken tot 10u, verse soep vanaf 11u, taart in de namiddag, croque Alvinne vanaf 18u

Muziek? live optredens van Mörtl (19.30u), The Whole Sh.Bang (21u) en Blame it on the Apes (23u), DJ Knalpot in de late uurtjes

Onze brouwhulpjes voor een dag kunnen deelnemen aan een wedstrijdje moutzakken openmaken.

Vrije bijdrage doneren kan in het vat aan het infostandje van Duchenne Parent Project België

Wie na 24u liever eerst nog enkele uurtjes slaapt voor hij/zij huiswaarts keert, kan dit doen in de brouwerij: breng gewoon luchtmatras en slaapzak mee.

Duchenne Parent Project België

“Duchenne Parent Project België (DPP Be) wil een vereniging worden die mensen met de ziekte van Duchenne en hun ouders samenbrengt en hen in brede zin ondersteunt. In de eerste plaats voor de patient zelf en voor zijn ouders, maar ook voor andere familieleden of vrienden, en voor mensen die er beroepsmatig betrokken zijn. We zien DPP Be als een vereniging die op regelmatige basis samenkomt, informatieve events organiseert (zoals het congres), ondersteuning (vrijwilligers) biedt aan organisaties die geld inzamelen voor Duchenne (zoals Duchenne Heroes), die mee kan beslissen over het aanwenden van ingezamelde fondsen, die op termijn als patientenvereniging kan optreden bvb. als gesprekspartner voor overheden.”



Untappd statistics oktober 2016


Something special … for GBBF

We’ve been asked so many times to go and visit the Great British Beer Festival, but again we can’t make it. We will be in Schotland making a kick ass Quad at 6°North Brewery. However, some of our beers will be available at the “bar sans frontieres”, among them Mano Negra Barrel aged. De Bierlijn who will send the beer to London asked us if we could do something special. Well, we just send the complete barrel. It will be the first time one can have a taste straight from the barrel outside the brewery. I wouldn’t be much of a barrelmanager if I couldn’t give some info about this barrel.

Check it out: barrel 24 mano negra info



Untappd top 30 breweries in Belgium (July 2016)

On January 1st 2015, we were listed as number 27 in the top rated breweries in Belgium. Today we are listed number 18 with a continious increasing score. We are obvious proud about that, as hard work and hard choices seem to be rewarded by those who drink our beers. Here’s the new top 30 list … Untappd july 2016

Untappd Top 40 Belgian Breweries

Untappd top 40 april 2016

Art and beer … a perfect match?

Enjoying craft beer is a total experience. Everybody knows  drinking a good beer is more than just a reaction to obey your thirst. A lot is going on in your head at the moment you drink a good beer.

How important is the label on a beer bottle in that perspective? For consumer products, the label is seen as key for letting the customer select a particular beer off the shelf, unless of course someone knows already what he or she wants.

We have always done the design of the label ourselves, resulting in practical and simple looking artwork. Extreme simplicity was obtained in the “Greek” range: with just a big Omega, Phi or Sigma on the label and some general information below. The advantage is that one can recognize the bottle from 10m distance already… The Undressed could be considered as a prequel of the 3 Greeks and also has that simple design, with a foeder instead of a greek letter.

The oak aged labels had a refresh some weeks ago, and also the limited edition series have their own label style for some time. Now it is time for the non sour  to get a new jacket. After a simplification of our portfolio, 9 base recipes are left: 6 sours and 3 non sours (ending in much more beers because of fruit adding, oak aging, etc.) The non sours/non oak aged beers are: Mano Negra, Land van Mortagne and Pays Erpigny

The artist who created the paintings on the labels is Hilde Van Hauwaert. She expresses herself through paintings just using her hands as a painting tool. People get a certain feeling or emotion that differs person to person when looking at the paintings, but they all come “straight from the heart”. Her collection contains over 100 paintings. We asked her to select 3 artworks, after letting her see, smell, taste each beer.
More info on the artist:                                                                                  1052341-3947b6818d7494952bed3ef3090f4169

Beer & Folk”Appella … Kongero Saison

collab jackdaw

One of most fun things to do are collaborationbrews. Creative minds brewing together. Yes, it’s about the beer, but even more it’s about friendship, about sharing our experience with brewers all over Europe and learn from them as well.  I would like to present Kongero Saison, a collaboration brew with Jackdaw Brewery in Upsala, Sweden. It’s a continously hopped Saison, in honour of the 10th anniversary of the Swedish Folk’appella group Kongero. We met the girls from Upsala at Deerlycke Folk a few years ago, as we brewed a beer for that festival. When we got invited by Jackdaw Brewery for a collabbrew, located in Upsala as well, we didn’t hesitate. Davy and Stephan “Smedtje” went over there to brew. We have used a method called continuously hopping, resulting in a quite estery, spicy and hoppy saison. Kongero gave a small concert during the brewingsession, making this event quite unique for those present. Kongero Saison will be available at Bierhalle Deconinck (Vichte) and from draft at Het Bourgondisch Kruis(Den Belgiek, Deerlijk). If you can’t wait I suggest you drop by the brewery taproom today Saturday February 6th …



Alvinne invests in quality control … Anton Paar Alex 500


Labwork in a small brewery is pretty much very basic. Calculations, hydrometer, refractometer, pH-meter, that pretty much sums it up. If accurate information is needed external labs were our only option, an expensive option. Customers should have accurate information, as does our importers all over the world. Taxes have to be payed according to ABV/vol % alc. Different countries, different laws, different taxes, different margin of error.

Unfortunetly, there are not that many companies which produces high-quality measuring and analysis instruments for breweries. Anton Paar is the reference as they are the world’s leading provider of density and alcohol measurements solutions for beer. However, their Alcolyzer Beer Analyzing System is just too expensive for craft brewers. With a growing craftbeerscene, Anton Paar released a Alcohol & Extract Meter for Beer, the Alex 500. More compact, easier to handle and less expensive compared to his big brother, the Alex 500 is just what we were looking for.

The instrument’s name is derived from ALcohol and Extract. Alex 500 is equipped with two modes. One mode determines our beer’s alcohol, original and real extract content, calories, degree of fermentation and many more typical beer parameters whenever we wish. A second is the fermentationmode, monitoring the complete fermentation. The fermentationcurve for each fermenting beer, based on density measurement, is directly displayed assigned to a fermenter according to the respective sample ID. Now easily able to monitor our entire production from wort to bottle, we can always be sure your bottles contain what the labels say (well, at least as soon as we’ve tested all our beers and renewed the labels if necessary).

How about accuracy? Alex 500 determines our beer’s alcohol content with an ocuracy of 0,2 vol % alc and measures our density with an occuracy of 0,001 g/cm³. From now on our numbers will make sure both we and our importers will be able to calculate our taxes correctly.

Foto’s van ons labo

More info:

anton paar

The return of Cuvée d’Erpigny … the barrels

February 2012, that’s how long it’s been since we brewed Cuvée d’Erpigny. There’s a simple reason why it took us such a long time. One key ingredient wasn’t available anymore, Monbazillac barrels. Chateau Belingard used to deliver some Monbazillac (AOC for sweet white wine produced in Monbazillac) barrels to us. Unfortunetly, in 2013 we couldn’t get these barrels anymore. As we created the recipe for Cuvée d’Erpigny specificly for sweet white wine barrels, Cuvée d’Erpgny disappeared from our portfolio once the last remaining barrels went out of duty.

Should this fantastic beer disappear forever? The answer is simple, no! The minute we can find barrels interesting enough for this magnificent beer, we will brew it again. And so we did. The last four brews of 2015 were Erpigny. There will be three versions of Cuvée d’Erpigny 2016, each aged on different barrels.

Cuvée d’Erpigny Sauternes 2016

We always thought Sauternes barrels were impossible to get, hence the original Cuvée d’Erpigny aged on Monbazillac barrels straight from the winery. These Sauternes barrels weren’t bought tstraight at the winery, so we don’t really know the exact origin. We do know we’ve got three of them, 300 l each.

Sauternes is a French sweet wine from the Sauternais region of the Graves section in Bordeaux. Sauternes is made from Sémillon, Sauvignon blanc, and Muscadelle grapes that have been affected by Botrytis cinerea, also known as noble rot. This causes the grapes to become partially raisined, resulting in concentrated and distinctively flavored wines. Wines from Sauternes, especially the Premier Cru Supérieur estate Château d’Yquem, can be very expensive, due largely to the very high cost of production. Somewhat similar but less expensive and typically less-distinguished wines are produced in the neighboring regions of Monbazillac, Cérons, Loupiac and Cadillac.

Cuvée d’Erpigny Vieux Pineau des Charentes 2016

On our search for “unusual” barrels I learned that Pineau des Charentes is also barrel aged. Reason enough to go on a search for these barrels. We managed to get one so far, ideal for a try-out with the reborn Cuvée d’Erpigny. This 353 l barrel from 1997 smells promising. As always, that’s a good way to start a barrel aged beer.


Pineau des Charentes is the sweet, strong ‘Vin de Liqueur’ of the Charentais (Cognac) region of western France. It is made by adding Cognac from the previous year’s distillation (or older) to fresh grape must of the current vintage. By law, the must is required to be freshly harvested (although it may have undergone a partial fermentation) and the Cognac must have an alcohol content of at least 60%. The resulting mixture has an alcoholic strength of 16–22% and a sugar content of at least 125g/L. Because the must remains essentially unfermented, it retains all of its ‘grapey’ flavors and – ideally – the varietal characteristics of the grapes used, which develop over time. All Pineau des Charentes is aged at the winery for at least 18 months – including 12 months in oak barrels. To earn the right to be labeled as vieux (old), the wines must spend five years or more in oak; the oldest of all are tres vieux, which require a full 10 years in barrel.

Cuvée d’Erpigny Pedro Ximenez 2016

These barrels are assembled with reused and already seasoned staves out of 50 year old Pedro Ximenez Sherry & wine barrels. The oak barrels have a capacity of 500 l. The staves are homogeneous toasted over a fire of American oak chips. We bought 4 of these barrels straight from the cooperage (toneleria). Three of them will be used for Cuvée d’Erpigny, one will be used for the famous Cuvée de Mortagne PX.

Pedro Ximénez is a name used for dessert wines created with at least 85% of the grape variety with the same name. The grapes are either picked very mature or dried in the sun. Commonly referred to as P.X., these are intensely sweet wines, especially when the grapes are dried in the sun. While this process was also practiced in the Jerez-Xérès-Sherry region, nowadays the base wines for this style are mostly produced in the D.O. Montilla-Moriles since the climate there protects the grapes better from rotting (generally warmer and less humid). Montilla-Moriles creates the vast majority of P.X. wines within their own denomination, but part of them are them are transferred back to bodegas in Jerez for maturation, which allows them to be labeled as sherry.

Wild West Plum & Wild West Grape Edition 2015

Some samples of Wild West Plum 2014 send to B-United, our US-importer, was all it took to set up a Wild West fruit project. Needless to say he was very enthousiastic. An order came around the time the fruit was still in blossom, the right amount of time we needed to pull this off. Wild West Plum 2014 was barrel aged (as always with Wild West), the plums were put directly on the barrel. And that would be a problem, as we would have needed 20 barrels for both the plum and grape edition. Once we’ve put fruit on a barrel, we can’t use it anymore. To sacrifice so many barrels (some first run barrels) wasn’t an option. We’ve installed four conditioningtanks (40 hl) on De Proefloft, mainly to be used for fruitprojects (Kerasus, Plum Edition and Grape Edition).


We’ve made a selection of already barrel aged Wild West and added some young Omega. One tank was filled with 400 kg French “President” plums from Castelsarasin, another with 400 kg Italian “Primitivo” winegrapes from Puglia. The fresh fruit was added early and mid September, to macerate and ferment for about 3.5 months.

The most challenging thing no doubt was getting the fruit out of the tanks. Some teamwork was needed, and it’s a good thing we have a trained body🙂

We will do more fruit projects in the future, some limited where fruit is put straight on the barrel, some bigger quantities using the stainless stailtanks for maceration. For now, try Wild West Grape Edition and Wild West Plum Edition 2015, you won’t regret it.