Barrel 58 … wild berries

So I like to harvest berries. So I like to experiment. So I’m the barrelmanager at Alvinne. Hang on, I should do something with these three elements. And so the Barrel 58 project was a fact.

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Why barrel 58? Well, no specific reason at all. Every barrel is numbered, and barrel 58 happened to be empty. When fruit is put directly on a barrel, the barrel can retire when the beer is bottled. We replace the retired barrel, a new barrel 58 is born. There will be more Barrel 58 beers in the future, could be a different beer, will most likely be a different barrel and different berries we put on the beer.

Barrel 58 #2015 … facts and figures

Beer: 2/3 Wild West, 1/3 Cvée Sofie

Barrel: Chateau La Croizillé (St-Emilion), 2011, French oak, filled 28/6/2015, 5 months barrel aging

Berries: 1,8 kg raspberries (15/7/2015) – 2,5 kg Schaarbeekse krieken (20/7/2015) – 7,4 kg sloeberries (15/7/2015) – 11,7 kg gooseberries (20/7/2015) – 7,2 kg jostaberries (20/7/2015) – 2,3 kg billberries (10/8/2015)

Bottled: 23/11/2015

Release: at De Proefloft, December 5th


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