2015 …it’s been fantastic

A little over 10 years ago we decided to take hobbybrewing to a (semi-)professional level. Little did we know what we had to expect in the next ten years. It’s been crazy, hard, challenging, rewarding …

“Picobrewery”  is the past, today we are a respected micro-brewery. Never surrender, work hard and be passionate about what you do, that’s our bussiness philosophy. 2015 was a milestone brewyear. “Brewery Alvinne … Flemish sour ales, oak aged beers and more”, that is what we’ve done in 2015. Over 60 % of what we brewed were sours, over 30 % was barrel aged (sours and non-sours). We said goodbye to quite a lot of beers, we’ve welcomed many others. We’ve invested in our growth, we are ready for an even better 2016.

Thank you my friends, thank you for your support, thank you for tasting our beers, thank you for being enthousiastic about them.

2015 … a picture report of what was new


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