What’s hot and what not … on Untappd in 2015

What do customers think of our beers? How are we doing compared to other breweries? It’s not always easy for brewers to figure that out. As we do not enter commercial beercompetitions such as Brussel Beer Challenge and we don’t give much value to festivalawards or online polls on social media, only ratingsites such as ratebeer.com and untappd.com can give us a clue. Ratebeer no doubt is the most accurate database. Untappd on the other hand  has many more users, both beergeeks and just people who like to taste a different beer from time to time.

In my opinion Untappd is a more valuable ratingsite for us as a brewer, due to the fact that there are many more ratings. We can learn how our beers are appreciated in different countries. I’ve made a database with the development of how our beers have scored in 2015. I also made a spreadsheet which includes every Belgian brewery, beerfirm and lambicblender (according to the Zythoslist of breweries and beerfirms). All are included, but for the best Belgian breweries list, breweries/beerfirms with less than 3000 ratings will not be listed . Check it out, there are some surprises.

Best belgian breweries on Untappd 2015

complete database Belgian breweries on Untappd 2015

Alvinne beers on Untappd 2015

Some conclusions I’ve made:

  • Only classic Belgian breweries host the top 25, Brouwerij De Glazen Toren and Brouwerij Alvinne being the exceptions
  • Most breweries have a lower general score compared to the start of 2015
  • Wilderen, Brussel Beer Project and Vliegend Paard can be considered revelations of 2015 (better scores and a huge rise in ratings)
  • Only a few beerfirms are found within the top 50
  • Omer Vanderghinste, Verhaeghe and Dubuisson are some topbreweries that took quite a hit in 2015 and didn’t do that well
  • We are happy to hold on to our score, we are very happy with the 130 % more ratings we received during 2015 and we are proud to be amongst the best 25 breweries in Belgium.
  • When checking out the best breweries in other European countries, only a few have a score that would make the top 25 in Belgium.
  • The only numbers that really count, are those made by our accountant. Or, to say it in another way, don’t take best of lists to serious. We don’t, we just find it interesting and fun  😉

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