Wild West Plum & Wild West Grape Edition 2015

Some samples of Wild West Plum 2014 send to B-United, our US-importer, was all it took to set up a Wild West fruit project. Needless to say he was very enthousiastic. An order came around the time the fruit was still in blossom, the right amount of time we needed to pull this off. Wild West Plum 2014 was barrel aged (as always with Wild West), the plums were put directly on the barrel. And that would be a problem, as we would have needed 20 barrels for both the plum and grape edition. Once we’ve put fruit on a barrel, we can’t use it anymore. To sacrifice so many barrels (some first run barrels) wasn’t an option. We’ve installed four conditioningtanks (40 hl) on De Proefloft, mainly to be used for fruitprojects (Kerasus, Plum Edition and Grape Edition).


We’ve made a selection of already barrel aged Wild West and added some young Omega. One tank was filled with 400 kg French “President” plums from Castelsarasin, another with 400 kg Italian “Primitivo” winegrapes from Puglia. The fresh fruit was added early and mid September, to macerate and ferment for about 3.5 months.

The most challenging thing no doubt was getting the fruit out of the tanks. Some teamwork was needed, and it’s a good thing we have a trained body 🙂

We will do more fruit projects in the future, some limited where fruit is put straight on the barrel, some bigger quantities using the stainless stailtanks for maceration. For now, try Wild West Grape Edition and Wild West Plum Edition 2015, you won’t regret it.


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