Alvinne invests in quality control … Anton Paar Alex 500


Labwork in a small brewery is pretty much very basic. Calculations, hydrometer, refractometer, pH-meter, that pretty much sums it up. If accurate information is needed external labs were our only option, an expensive option. Customers should have accurate information, as does our importers all over the world. Taxes have to be payed according to ABV/vol % alc. Different countries, different laws, different taxes, different margin of error.

Unfortunetly, there are not that many companies which produces high-quality measuring and analysis instruments for breweries. Anton Paar is the reference as they are the world’s leading provider of density and alcohol measurements solutions for beer. However, their Alcolyzer Beer Analyzing System is just too expensive for craft brewers. With a growing craftbeerscene, Anton Paar released a Alcohol & Extract Meter for Beer, the Alex 500. More compact, easier to handle and less expensive compared to his big brother, the Alex 500 is just what we were looking for.

The instrument’s name is derived from ALcohol and Extract. Alex 500 is equipped with two modes. One mode determines our beer’s alcohol, original and real extract content, calories, degree of fermentation and many more typical beer parameters whenever we wish. A second is the fermentationmode, monitoring the complete fermentation. The fermentationcurve for each fermenting beer, based on density measurement, is directly displayed assigned to a fermenter according to the respective sample ID. Now easily able to monitor our entire production from wort to bottle, we can always be sure your bottles contain what the labels say (well, at least as soon as we’ve tested all our beers and renewed the labels if necessary).

How about accuracy? Alex 500 determines our beer’s alcohol content with an ocuracy of 0,2 vol % alc and measures our density with an occuracy of 0,001 g/cm³. From now on our numbers will make sure both we and our importers will be able to calculate our taxes correctly.

Foto’s van ons labo

More info:

anton paar


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