Art and beer … a perfect match?

Enjoying craft beer is a total experience. Everybody knows  drinking a good beer is more than just a reaction to obey your thirst. A lot is going on in your head at the moment you drink a good beer.

How important is the label on a beer bottle in that perspective? For consumer products, the label is seen as key for letting the customer select a particular beer off the shelf, unless of course someone knows already what he or she wants.

We have always done the design of the label ourselves, resulting in practical and simple looking artwork. Extreme simplicity was obtained in the “Greek” range: with just a big Omega, Phi or Sigma on the label and some general information below. The advantage is that one can recognize the bottle from 10m distance already… The Undressed could be considered as a prequel of the 3 Greeks and also has that simple design, with a foeder instead of a greek letter.

The oak aged labels had a refresh some weeks ago, and also the limited edition series have their own label style for some time. Now it is time for the non sour  to get a new jacket. After a simplification of our portfolio, 9 base recipes are left: 6 sours and 3 non sours (ending in much more beers because of fruit adding, oak aging, etc.) The non sours/non oak aged beers are: Mano Negra, Land van Mortagne and Pays Erpigny

The artist who created the paintings on the labels is Hilde Van Hauwaert. She expresses herself through paintings just using her hands as a painting tool. People get a certain feeling or emotion that differs person to person when looking at the paintings, but they all come “straight from the heart”. Her collection contains over 100 paintings. We asked her to select 3 artworks, after letting her see, smell, taste each beer.
More info on the artist:                                                                                  1052341-3947b6818d7494952bed3ef3090f4169

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