Brewed with friends … Cuvée Sofie Cloudberries, an Alvinne & Jackdaw collab

In september 2015 Davy went to Sweden to brew Kongero, a Saison in collaboration with Jackdaw Brewery, located in Upsala. A little less then a year later, on August 20th to be exactly, Fredrik and Janne returned the favour. We didn’t have to think to long about what to brew. It should be sour and it should contain berries. The Jackdaw brewers said they could get their hands on cloudberries, a golden yellow soft and juicy rich of vitamine C berry. When eaten fresh, cloudberries have a distinctive tart taste.

Cloudberries are a delicacy, yet hardly cultivated and primarily harvested in the wild. They grow up North, so even for our friends in Upsala it was still a challenge to get some. Getting them to our brewery was an even greater challenge. They had to freeze 30 kg of cloudberries and carry them in two suitcases.

We brewed Cuvée Sofie and added the fresh wort and some Morpheusyeast straight to two red wine barrels (Languedoc, Chateau La Mazoulières). We also immediatly added the cloudberries (well, first let them catch some warmth) and the cloudberryjuice, 15 kg to each barrel. Fermentation and conditioning straight on barrel, it’s always a bit of a challenge, but 4 months of maturing on French oak barrels delivered a very flavourfull sour.

This beer will be on our Alvinne Craft Beer Festival beerlist to be tasted from draft at The Alvinne & Friends bar. It’s available in 50 cl bottles, don’t hesitate, there are only about 370 bottles around.


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