Exclusive fruitbeers, a labour of love and patience

What’s so exclusive about these beers?

For one all of them are barrel aged, although at Alvinne that’s not really that suprising. What does make it exceptional is that all of this fruit is handpicked by Glenn, with some help of family members and students of the school Glenn teaches at. This freshly harvested fruit is then added straight to the oak barrels to macerate for a couple of months.

About the barrels

Cuvée Sofie Kriek Framboos was aged on a Burgundy barrel (Gevrey-Chambertin). The beer aged for 7 months, the Schaarbeekse Kriek were added end of july, the raspberries during september.

Cuvée Sofie Alvino was aged on two red wine barrels, one being a Bordeaux (Margaux) barrel, the other being a Burgundy (Vosne-Romanée) barrel. The beer aged for about 5 months, the grapes (Boskoop variety) from our own vine were added in september.

Wild West Barrel 58 is actually a blend of Wild West and Cuvée Sofie. This beer was aged for 6 months on a 300l  Viex Pinneau de Charentes barrel, barrel number 58. The fruit was added over this period.

About the fruit

Cuvée Sofie Kriek Framboos 2016. 20 kg Schaarbeekse Krieken from a small orchard in Neerbeek-Brakel and 10 kg fall raspberries grown by students of SBSO ‘t Vurstjen in Evergem (special Ed school)

Cuvée Sofie Alvino 2016. 2 x 20 kg of Boskoop grapes, grown by Davy’s mum


Wild West Barrel 58. 13 kg of sloeberries harvested around the brewery, 3 kg of blueberries harvested in France (Col du Fignel) and 7 kg of blackberries harvested around my hometown.




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