Best Belgian breweries & beerfirms 2016 … according to Untappd


It’s this time of the year again, “best off” lists can be found everywhere, the beerscene is no stranger to that. In february will announce their best off lists. I’m pretty sure the Belgian press will pick it up, as Westvleteren ussually is the best brewery in the world and many Belgian places have topscores in the “best beerplace to visit” category. Although is a very well managed database, it’s mainly used by “beergeeks” and so it’s limited in the number of users and ratings. however is more accesable, resulting in a couple of million users, not limited only to “the experts”. has a “toprated” list of beers and breweries, but I can not find myself in their terms to be included in this toplist (you need at least 5 beers, so Westvleteren is not even included, breweries with only 1000 ratings are already included, …). Still, given the number of ratings, Untappd could be the closest thing to an “objective” score on beers and breweries. Just keep in mind that most users will be found in the USA, so export oriented breweries will have more ratings. As most Belgian breweries and beerfirms are a local thing, most of them haven’t reached the 3000 rating limit I use to be included in the top 50 list.

My view on Untappd statistics …

I have been collecting data over two years about Belgian breweries and beerfirms or contractbrewers. My guide to wich breweries to include is the list of breweries and beerfirms. Only breweries or beerfirms with at least 3000 ratings can be included in the top 50 list. As many breweries will reach those 3000 ratings eventually, I’ve been collecting data on all breweries and beerfirms. You will also find those scores in a separate list.

The results … best Belgian breweries & beerfirms






How did we do?

Very well, I would say. We have entered the top 20 and when one would only look at ratings given in 2016, we would end up at number 12. This makes us very proud. Who would have thought we would achieve this when we started brewing in a gardenshet in 2004. It’s the result of hard work, lot’s of passion, creativity and a clear vision on what we want to do. We will try to do even better in 2017.





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