Due to our very busy shedule, groupvisits are very limited in 2017. Contact us, introduce yourself and your tell something about the groupprofile, tell us when you would like to visit. Visits are limited to wednessday, Friday and although not our preference Saturday. A group should be at least 10 persons and max 40. You will be able to taste as many beers as you want, whatever is on tap or in our fridge. We do however ask 15 euro a person. Keep in mind most of our beers are sours, they are complex, an aquired taste one might say. We do have non-sours as well ofcourse. A tour and proper tasting will take you in between two and three hours (max).

Professionals (brewers, importers, owners of craft beerbars, journalists, …) can contact us for a private visit. If we have time to fit in your visit in our shedule, we will gladly show you around.

The brewery taproom is open for visitors every wednessday from 12u till 17u.

  1. I’m Manuel from Made in Belgium beershop in Italy.
    We will at Brugse bier festival in February and I ask you if is it possible to visit your brewery at Sunday 5th February in the afternoon or Monday 6th in the morning. We are only 2 people because my Belgian wife can’t come with us.
    We have your beers in our beershop normally, we buy at De Caigny, but we can importing directly also.

    I wait your reply.

    Thanks – Manuel – Made in Belgium


  2. Hi there,

    I’m brewer from small craft brewery in Lithuania.
    And I always been admiring beers from Belgium such like tripel’s or quads and Lambic is like beer from different planet for me. I guess Belgium beer is responsible for me becoming brewer.
    And this year me with some friends who are also beer enthusiast going to traveling to Brussels to visit some interesting breweries and taste some beer and learn more about Belgium beer and it’s traditions of making it.

    And I was wondering maybe we can arrange tour in your brewery.
    we are staying in Brussels on Aprils 21-26 (of course 22 day is for Zythos beer festival)

    Hopping to hear from you,
    and have a nice day..


  3. Hello,

    A group of 6 of us is biking across the Flanders region on a quest to find amazing beer. On May 26th we will be biking from Oudenaarde to Ypres and will be passing by your brewery. I read that you don’t do tours on Thursdays, but I wondered if you would make an exception for our group of beer lovers. I have actually converted my home into a tasting house for the world’s finest beers and have friends over often to taste my findings. I hope to be able to taste your beers and even bring some back to share with my friends at Wolffe Tasting House.

    Thank you,



  4. Visiting from the USA and bringing our best friends on a euro vacation for their honeymoon. Would LOVE to visit Alvinne, one of our favorites when we are able to find in the states. Would you be available to receive 4 persons as a part of a visit on 9/20 or 9/22? THANK YOU!


    • Really sorry, but both days are impossible. 9/22 we are already at Borefts Beerfestival, 20/9 we are visiting Lambikodroom. Maybe some other time


  5. Hello!
    I am a craft beer enthusiast from Charleston, SC USA. I will be visiting my father in Belgium and would greatly love to visit your brewery.

    Is it possible for us 2 to join a tour on 18 October?

    Best regards,
    Jeff Pascoe


  6. Hi! We are a group of 4 people from the Netherlands and we would like to visit your brewery. On our website we write about beer, breweries and other beerspots. I am an international beersommelier (zytholoog in Begium) and the four of us are all huge sour fans and especially Alvinne! We are in the neighbourhood on Friday the 18th of may (afternoon) and Saturday the 19th. Hopefully is is possible to do a brewery visit and tasting and take pictures for our website and Facebook page? Looking forward to your reply!


    • Unfortunetly no one will be in the brewery on Friday or Saturday. We have beerfestivals in Moskou and in Barcelona that weekend, so we will on the move. Best time for a visit is on Wednesday, we are Always open between 12u and 17u.


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