How to get there on friday?

Friday March 3rd – 14:00 till 22:00

By car

By far the easiest way to get there, just remember to bring a designated driver. If your designated driver wants to attend the festival as well, an entrance fee of 10 € will be charged (no need to puchase this online, just buy it at the entrance).

It’s not allowed to park at the premisses of Delhaize (customers only), please respect that.

parking-acbf-luchtfoto parking-acbf-straatplan

Public transport: train


On Friday, the best option is taking a train from Kortrijk. Trains leave from Kortrijk to Vichte each hour at xx.04 pm

Trains back to Kortrijk at xx.48 pm, last train back at 21.48 pm




There is no shuttleservice on friday



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